Hacking is not a new occurrence in the internet world these days. Social media sites like Facebook twitter and others are always at risk from hackers if not taken seriously by the owner. Your account can be protected from being hacked by Blue Portal if you will take into considerations some security measures. In this article you will learn some of the best and simplest approaches to protect your online social network accounts such as Facebook.

Use only a secured email account

When you login into your Facebook account, you will be required to sign up with an email account first and then go through the verification method. It’s best to search for a secured email account; you can find one from the internet and from review sites. Though email service providers these days have their own security measures, you still need to observe your own ways to secure your email. There is no email service that is 100% secure, you just have to do everything to make hacking impossible for people out there.

Be sure your email address and password are unique and hard to guess

When you make an email account make sure that it is composed of alpha numeric characters and the word is not common and taken from any of your family members. This will make someone hard to guess it. This should also be the case with your password and include numbers in it too. That will make it harder for hackers to guess your password.

Secure your email and password

phishingDon’t attempt to give your email and password to anyone and do not store it into your email drafts or any other online account. Passwords are valuables and you must treat them as confidential. You have to safeguard the security of your account and you can do that by adding additional contact number or provide an extra email address for the password recovery. When a hacker penetrates into your account, he/she will change your password or even your email address, adding security questions and an alternative email address can help you in recovering the account right away.

Read emails linked to your Facebook account carefully

If you ever got a message from your email provider that your account is being compromised, you should read it carefully. Oftentimes, the email itself is a scam and there may be visible signs like grammatical errors, logos and others. If you are suspecting your email was hacked, you can change the details of your Facebook account or better yet change the email linked to your Facebook account.

Compose different email accounts for diverse purposes

This can help especially if you want an email account for social network sites like Facebook that you use daily on different computers. You can use a separate one for personal purposes too. This can help you if you want to secure your accounts online, but still you shouldn’t share personal information like passwords to anyone.